Practicing Painter to keep er….practicing!

My practical painting skills with that real paint stuff are pretty atrophied. So it was pretty foolishly that I embarked on a big painting earlier this year for a natural history competition.

In typical style I left it all too late and after a few late nights and much rehashing and remembering/learning as I went I decided to leave the image until the following year’s competition.(which means I’ll need to pull my finger out and start doing studies soon to prepare for another attempt)

What I did relearn was how much fun real painting is, especially on a nice big canvas. Because real paint behaves the way it does you get rewarded so often with textures and colour mixing.

Here’s a small part of the resulting image, the rest of which I’m far too embarrassed to put up.

Yup, it’s another Dinosaur. I’m a geek, what can I say.

For those interested it’s a Muttaburrasaurus, an Australian plant eater. I did have a couple of other animals in there which, if I’d finished the painting, would have been made redundant by some new discoveries announced only a couple of months later, so I’ll be sure to include the new animals in my revised and quite different new painting.

3 thoughts on “Practicing Painter to keep er….practicing!

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  2. I guess I better make some space in the dining room if you are going to start painting again!! Better move all the kids’ junk out of the way first……

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