Pinkie Paint

I did this little speed paint a while back, took about 45 minutes. It’s Pixel Pinkie, the main character from a TV series I worked on at Blue Rocket productions.
The painting really is just a sketch, though I concentrated on the face a bit more as it’s the focal point. Pinkie is a bit more tanned than she appears in the series, though that’s in part because I tend toward darker, more contrasty images as I fumble around looking for values.
If you haven’t already, check out the really fun Pixel Pinkie website where there’s heaps of games and interactive stuff to do:

Hmm, I reckon this ‘fleshy’ Pinkie might creep out a few people who worked on the series …  Animators get a bit funny about taking clean 2D key line characters and 3Derizing them(shut up it’s a word).

I was tempted to do a wolf whistle version with more curves, one of the animators on the series did a few ‘grown up’ versions of the characters that were great.(Hi Air!)

3 thoughts on “Pinkie Paint

    • I reckon it goes to show how much I despise Pinkie’s mole! Asymmetrical characters suck!
      Or at least if they’re going to be asymmetrical make it a huge difference!

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