Daddy’s Version….

The other day I posted my 7 year old daughter Gabby’s interpretation of one of my paintings. Gabby does a great deal of cool art with all sorts of animals being the main subject.
Among the ponies, kittens and puppies are the ‘not so common in little girl drawing’ animals, like prehistoric Terror Birds, Dinosaurs and the old favourite, the Leptictidium.(really)

Gabby does come up with some fantastic original creations as well, most of which emerge from that pure point where internal logic and naive imagination combine in a way that’s really fantastic.

So when I saw this little fellow I knew I had to plagiarise him. It’s such an incongruous combination of features: mane, lopsided cat face, wings, horns, tentacles and don’t forget the flower!(Gabby isn’t medicated in any way)

Gabby's great little thumbnail sketch

Gabby asked me to name him, I’m not sure why I called him ‘shambler’, I think he seemed to me like those life sized muppets that are a bit top heavy and shamble around.

So here’s my ‘grown up’ version:

I’m not sure where the mane made of bamboo came from, it just seemed right. He’d probably sound like a cheap wind chime as he shambles around…

All photoshop, probably a couple of hours work as I didn’t really have a clear idea of where I was going to finish up and he was done in the spaces between serious slacking.


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