‘Dead on Time’ WIP #1

My friend Paul Kooistra has asked me to produce a cover for his new Retro Game ‘Dead on Time’.
I did a cover for his earlier release ‘Star Sabre’ which can be seen in the ‘recent artwork’ post below.
For those not in the know there’s a small but passionate bunch who produce new games for old computer systems like the Commodore 64 and in this case the Amstrad CPC. The games can be played on the old systems or on a modern PC using an emulator. They get a release online and sometimes on disk or even cassette tape! Here’s a screen shot from ‘Star Sabre’:

So for my first WIP post I thought I’d put up my initial concept, there’s a few things wrong, perspective is a bit out of whack on the fighter etc.
I’m trying to integrate my pictures better working holistically rather than working on isolated elements and not giving some parts of the composition the attention they need.
Where this goes will entirely depend on whether Paul likes the direction I’m going in, so this could be as far as this concept gets.

Feel free to comment on my composition, colours, perpective and all the rest!

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