Dead on Time WIP#2

Here’s an update on the ‘Dead on Time’ image. I’ve been battling perspective a bit and the natural inclination to add too much detail too early.

I think I’ll try to keep this image much looser than what I usually do, partly because I’m running out of time before Christmas holidays and partly because I want to stop it becoming too laboured.

I was looking at the screen shots from the game and noticed this spindle like baddie.

I thought my bad guy space ships were a bit bland so I’m going to play with this design to tie it in with the game more strongly.

When I first saw the player’s ship in the screen shots I thought I was looking at a top down view of a Bee! Paul and I had an email exchange titled ‘above a bee’ where we toyed briefly with the idea of the ship as a bee and I produced a 3D bee image which I did as part of the course I teach at TAFE as possible loading/cover art(see below). The idea didn’t fly but I still internally refer to this game as ‘Above a Bee’ !

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