Dead on Time WIP #4 (Forging a ..head)

Happy New Year!
So after a break away from computers and with all the benefit of hindsight I take another look at the Dead on Time painting and decide the jet is the weak link in the image, both in design but more importantly in the composition.
Paul also informs me of the correct dimensions for the cover and it’s all the excuse I need to revamp the composition and spend a bit of time looking at some more reference material and using one of those pencil thingies do some drawing in the real world.
I want the viewer to be in amongst the action so I’ve place the jet closer to the front of the composition and at a steeper angle for a closer flyby.
Here’s the result:

So now I think I’ll be able to forge ahead in true ‘Don Martin’ style:
I didn’t realise how big an influence artists like Don Martin, from ‘Mad Magazine’ have been on me until I began to think about how I draw characters and pose them in animation. I see a lot of the same hand positions and postures that Don draws in his cartoons. Not to mention the dumb humour delivered with bland delight!

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