Dead on Time #5 (The Saga Continues)

Happy Australia Day and here I am with another update to the ‘Dead on Time’ Game Cover!

Things have progressed well if somewhat slowly! After perusing some more reference and taking a good look at how people successfully paint jet fighters I made some changes to my approach.

Because the jet is much more ‘in your face’ I’ve ended up rendering more detail and generally tightening things up more. I’ve got a few more details to add as well as a couple of corrections before I can move on to the aliens and background.

Feel free to comment, critique etc.

The next update will be delayed as I’ve got some freelance animation work. I’m doing some frame by frame animation in Flash/Photoshop/After Effects, so that’ll be a change of scene for me from 3D and much of the Flash work I’ve done. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post the results here for several reasons, the nature of what I’m animating being one of them. (there might be children watching!)


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