Dead on Time… Squished!

The cover art for ‘Dead on Time’ was also used as the load screen. For those going for pure authenticity with their retro gaming experience the game will be available on tape where genuine insomnia relieving load times will ensure the artwork will be onscreen a while!
Of course because the game is for an old system there is a limit to the palette of colours to reproduce the cover art, a whole 16 colours!!!
It takes a bit of technology then lots of hand modification pixel by pixel to get it to look half decent. There’s no way I’m crazy enough to do this, though I did do this kind of thing when these games were around waaaay back when.
No, the particular crazy person in this case is Sylvestre Campin or ‘Super Sylvestre’ as he’s known in the retro community, here’s his site, which is in French.
Anyway, here’s the result of his labours:

Lots of crazy pointillism action going on there to get the colours to work!

You can check out some more info about the game here at Psytronic Software where you can also see how the cover art looks in the cover!


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