Diabolical Speed Paint: Diabloceratops

A guest post by palaeontologist Jim Kirkland over on Archosaur Musings caught my attention last week with the announcement of a new horned dinosaur ‘Diabloceratops‘.

I was looking for an excuse to just throw together a speed painting to loosen up a little and this sucker came along at just the right time. What a fantastic looking beastie.

I just wanted to stick to values again, so it’s black and white, 30 mins from start to finish to keep it loose.

I’m starting to learn that I get the feel I want if I imagine I’m sculpting with the paint. Chunks of light and shade seem to work best, then work detail into the areas of interest.

Meh, I’ve got a long way to go…

6 thoughts on “Diabolical Speed Paint: Diabloceratops

  1. What weird & wonderful creature are they going to dig up next! Seems to be something new every month!
    Cool painting 🙂

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