Creepy Forests our speciality..

My good friend Stef over at Bowwow Graphics is doing some animation as part of a short film.
He had his hands full doing the animation itself so he needed someone to paint a background for him, in this case a menacing forest. Stef liked what I’d done with the creepy forest images in my ‘Unhappy Tree Friends’ concepts and wanted a similar feel.

The only other considerations were that the trees would form a dark tunnel with patches of light and have enough detail to sustain a camera track which started in very close. As a result the painting has much more detail than I usually would have put in, and the values are a little static across the image instead of lightening so much in the distance. Here’s a bit of the image at its full resolution, there’s a fair bit of detail in there!

The film is still in production but as my painting doesn’t give anything away they’ve been kind enough to allow me to post it. I sent Stef a thumbnail(below), which was approved by the Director and gave Stef something to start using straight away in Flash.

Stef’s early animation test were looking great, there was something pretty freaky coming down the tunnel and….. well let’s just say I can’t wait to see the final result.

1 thought on “Creepy Forests our speciality..

  1. Hi there!
    I find the first image’s details fantastic, but the second one is denser and more menacing…..and know you just told me that the second is a blow up of the first…..deeerrrrr! Now that I know….the first image is much improved with this knowledge. I’m going to hide under a rock now!

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