Listen to the Scientist..

So a little while ago I posted my version of Diabloceratops here.

It was inspired by Dave Hone hosting a guest post from Palaeontologist Jim Kirkland introducing Diabloceratops.

In the comments a discussion emerged about the nasal horn and Jim Kirkland, one of the authors of the paper, pointed out that Diabloceratops had a small secondary horn in front of the other one.

I’d just done a rough image and by the time I started on a polished version I’d completely forgotten the correction. *Sigh*.

Accuracy, and particularly anatomical accuracy, are the bread and butter of palaeontologists, they live and breathe this stuff. Why is it so important? Simply put, those details allow palaeontologists to understand the flow of life through time, the interrelatedness and relationships between animals, diet and even sometimes their behaviour.

Of course, that it was one of the paper’s authors who’d pointed out the facts and I’d blithely gone on my way without taking a moment to learn something new is pretty damn poor too!

So, if you’re out there Mr. Kirkland, here’s a very small, but not necessarily insignificant, revision.(now with bonus prettier frill)

4 thoughts on “Listen to the Scientist..

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