Old Toothy Pictures: A Review of Spinosauridae by Tor Bertin

When I first put myself ‘out there’ for paleontological illustration my first client was Tor Bertin, who was doing a review and catalogue of material found for the Spinosauridae, more commonly known as Spinosaurs. If you can imagine an creature with the body of a Tyrannosaurus and the head of a crocodile that also has a giant sail on its back then you’ve pretty much got a Spinosaurus. These were 14 metre long animals that appear to have lived on fish, a bit like a grizzly bear taken to the extreme.

My role in the paper was minor, basically illustrating some partial skulls from photographs(ref. Dal Sasso et al., 2005), like this.

There is a great illustration in the paper of Spinosaurs fishing by Brian Engh, as well as cool skeletal restorations by Scott Hartman.

Tor’s Paper has just been published over at PalArch, I’m sure it’ll provide a valuable resource to palaeontologists studying these bizarre creatures.

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