Run Like a Champsosaurus!

It probably won’t stop you getting horribly consumed!

I seem to be a bit fixated on feeding large predators innocent bystanders at the moment.(please post psychological analysis in the comments section)

Champsosaurus is a new discovery for me. I was looking for a victim for the predator in my next painting and stumbled across this little guy. It belongs to a line of reptiles that developed parallel to crocodiles and looked a lot like them, likely with a similar lifestyle. Though they lacked the armored scutes and had much more lizard like skin. Choristodera experts feel free to critique his anatomy.

The freaky bulging skull with little eyes stuffed down the front and nostrils pushed all the way to the end of the snout had instant appeal.

I have to admit, I’m almost sorry that he’s about to become a meal……… almost.

5 thoughts on “Run Like a Champsosaurus!

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  2. From

    A most fascinating and evocative imaged to which i have returned repeatedly. If you’ll pardon a “reminds of,” some of Max Ernst’s mad & extraordinary large bird-angels oils are called to mind. Your artistry is most extraordinary. I happened to dream of a similar huge 1/2 Big Bird & 1/2 creature-attack-vehicle (as in the film War of the Worlds) the other night and THEN ran into your work a day later. It has been psychically very alive for me, jndeed pursuing me on joggely ‘wing-wrist-knees’ the better art of last night. Great plastic form, wierd fleshy colors: a real archetypal alchemical avis hermeticum / serpens mercurialis combo…

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful art!

    Bradley A TePaske
    Jungian Analyst / Pacific Palisades, CA

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