Chinese Dragon WIP

Here’s a little beauty shot of the Chinese Dragon I’m working on at the moment.

One of the big pleasures of this gig so far has been using Lightwave for rendering. It’s happily taken as many polygons as I can throw at it, displacement and radiosity all in it’s stride. There have been issues getting the displacement working nicely, but I think much of that has been due to a lack of documentation rather than tools.

My client wants a few changes so I’ll be busy applying those, as well as fiddling the rig in Messiah.

Esoteric Messiah Tip: I’ve found making the extra effort of using CycleBranchMorph expressions for slider posing instead of the Motionblender Effect gives better results, as well as allowing you to start animating on frame 0.

A big thanks to Julie(my client) for allowing me to blog this guy.

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