20 thoughts on “A brief commentary on “Science” documentaries about prehistory….

  1. There should be a followup to this depicting typical behaviors of TV!cats, such as roaring loudly and repeatedly while trying to stalk prey a hundred times their size, as well as having super powers like being able to hear things 1000 miles away and seeing 50 times better than an eagle can.

  2. I’m sure Gabby would see something cute about that cat! Does it come stuffed and with a tag :-). Maybe you could try an get a deal with the Beanie Bears company. It could be the freaked out prehistoric cat bear! Good…huh! I want a cut if it goes through!

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  6. I can imagine aliens from the future finding fossilized remains of Homo sapiens and (quite rightly) inferring these as “the deadliest predators of its time”. They then proceed to reconstruct the skeletons as something like a cross between Voldemort and Gollum…

  7. That’s an interesting comment on a problem that paleoartists are aware of. However your depiction of the conceptualized cat implies that paleoartists reconstructions’ take enormous liberties with how skeletal elements are reconstructed (the size of its teeth, claws and paws relative to the the rest). However, paleontologiy artists really only have difficulties in depicting superficial details due to the relatively poor preservation of epidermis (skin).

    However recent finds such as the explosion of feathered dinosaurs fossils and the use of enhanced physical analyses that actually measure the ratios of trace amounts of chemical compounds of known colour such as what was used with the type specimen of archaeopteryx are providing a more justified picture of how some dinosaurs would have appeared to a human observer.

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