Kitteh in TerrorDactile!

Kitteh makes it’s return this week with more science documentary tropes and a special guest star courtesy of Dave Hone of Archosaur Musings, who supplied the highly accurate pterosaur reconstruction.

In other Kitteh news Illustrator Tricia of Tricia’s Obligatory Art Blog has created Kitteh fan art in the form of a (slightly disturbing) life reconstruction!

Toddle over to Tricia’s Flicker for a look at Tricia’s reconstruction of Kitteh and his Mouse prey, as well as Tricia’s take on one of Kitteh’s natural enemies.

4 thoughts on “Kitteh in TerrorDactile!

  1. This is awesome…I feel like bringing out the kids dino toys and having a play……Grrrrrrrraaaaarrrr! With a bit of peow peow from Nigel Marvin! Peow Peow!

  2. I thank you, I thank you! I made that fanart during the post-hurricane power outage and I am very happy that it is so appreciated.

    And, yes, never stop. Ever.

    – Trish (stuck posting as an alter-ego in WordPress, oh well)

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