Hello Cocky! (extant therapods for the paleo crew)

A little while back during a project at Blue Rocket Productions I was given the job of painting some parrots in the style of a bird book. My usual role at Blue Rocket has been very much the ‘3D animator guy’, and though I’ve done some illustration work and concept art there before it was nice to be the ‘go to guy’ for some¬†illustration style painting. I’m pretty sure this blog may have had a little to do with the decision too.

In any case, I didn’t have much time so I knocked these out over a day and a half and had a great deal of fun doing it.


Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Black Palm Cockatoo

Thanks to Blue Rocket for allowing the use of the images!

5 thoughts on “Hello Cocky! (extant therapods for the paleo crew)

  1. They’re awesome honey! You hadn’t shown them to me before. You should do this for a living! Get away from my ANZACS!!!! Only joking!

  2. Hi – These are fab !!! You can do some blue wrens / red bum finches – diamond fire tails to the real world etc when you’re here at Christmas…mum

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