Lazy Afternoon

Having a lazy afternoon here as the temperature scales the dizzy heights(for Hobart) of 30C degrees. Nice excuse to stay indoors until the sun drops low enough to get out the sprinkler and go berserk with the kids in the back yard.

Also a nice excuse to get the sketch book out and do a thumbnail of a Spinosaurus having a lazy afternoon lunch!

Based on the new skeletal reconstruction by Scott Hartman who took advice from Andre Cau and Jamie Headden. Most notable is the length of the sail, which now goes well down the tail.

I’m pretty sure there are some proportions out of whack, and the posture surely brings into question the flexibility of the spine and hips, as well as the volumes going through the torso.

I’d like to do more with this initial image, though it’ll have to join the queue forming of ‘stuff I want to do’ and paid work!

2 thoughts on “Lazy Afternoon

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