Yutyrannus, Metyrannus, We all Tyrannus….

Since the description of everyone’s new favourite tyrannosaur Yutyrannus, there’s been an absolute glut of depictions by anyone who can hold a pencil in the paleo illustration community.

And why not? A 6 meter long tyrannosaur with fluffy feathers! It’s weird and cool and just ever so disturbing in equal measure, a bit like like Yo Gabba Gabba.


Not wanting to join in the frenzy I thought I’d take another tack and take a serious and in depth look at what this discovery means for anatomists, palaeontographical illustrators and nerds who like to draw dinosaurs..


4 thoughts on “Yutyrannus, Metyrannus, We all Tyrannus….

  1. The Sparta one should at least have some chest muscle action. You might have to re-do that one for me and any other ladies that might see this blog. What do you say ladies…….

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