Diabolical Speed Paint: Diabloceratops

A guest post by palaeontologist Jim Kirkland over on Archosaur Musings caught my attention last week with the announcement of a new horned dinosaur ‘Diabloceratops‘.

I was looking for an excuse to just throw together a speed painting to loosen up a little and this sucker came along at just the right time. What a fantastic looking beastie.

I just wanted to stick to values again, so it’s black and white, 30 mins from start to finish to keep it loose.

I’m starting to learn that I get the feel I want if I imagine I’m sculpting with the paint. Chunks of light and shade seem to work best, then work detail into the areas of interest.

Meh, I’ve got a long way to go…

1800: Right Place Wrong Time.(Heinrich finally takes a holiday)

1800’s latest topic is “Right Place Wrong time” so here’s my take: ‘Heinrich finally takes a holiday’ (or “Swine Flew”?)

I don’t know why the pig is German, I would have put him in leaderhosen(sp?) if I’d had another 5 minutes.

Or maybe surrounded him with guys in hazard suits, which would have been funnier.


Thumbs Up from King Iguanadon!


I’ve started this blog in the hopes it will keep me producing artwork in my spare time and not slacking off in front of Top Gear/Internet etc.

To start off here’s something I painted in 30 minutes in the hope it would loosen me up to be a bit more prolific with digital painting.

I was inspired by ‘In 1800‘.

Each week they get a topic and produce an artwork within a 30 minute/1800 second time limit.
I know a few of the people there and thought I might dip my toe in for some fun!

This week’s theme was “Create a Caricature of your Fictional Alter Ego”.

So why ‘King Iguanadon’? One of my workmates called me this in a moment of randomness and this is the image that popped into my head.

And the title? Iguanadons have big spikes on their thumbs so are always approving of things… uh….

Thankfully the only place the name has stuck is in my imagination! Anyway, blah, blah.. here it is…