Sketchbook: Muttaburrasaurus, is it cold in here?… and what the?

One of the benefits of rendering in 3D/AE is it gives you a little time to scrawl on your notepad while the computer makes a pretty picture. So I scrawled a Muttaburrasaurus.

I’ve been gestating this idea for a very long time and hope it’ll be an updated version of this physical painting… uh, eventually. Why is he fluffy? The highly scientific and evidence based reason that “it’s cold”.

And what the heck is this? Not a dinosaur…….?

..and what has it got to do with steampunk monkeys?

Practicing Painter to keep er….practicing!

My practical painting skills with that real paint stuff are pretty atrophied. So it was pretty foolishly that I embarked on a big painting earlier this year for a natural history competition.

In typical style I left it all too late and after a few late nights and much rehashing and remembering/learning as I went I decided to leave the image until the following year’s competition.(which means I’ll need to pull my finger out and start doing studies soon to prepare for another attempt)

What I did relearn was how much fun real painting is, especially on a nice big canvas. Because real paint behaves the way it does you get rewarded so often with textures and colour mixing.

Here’s a small part of the resulting image, the rest of which I’m far too embarrassed to put up.

Yup, it’s another Dinosaur. I’m a geek, what can I say.

For those interested it’s a Muttaburrasaurus, an Australian plant eater. I did have a couple of other animals in there which, if I’d finished the painting, would have been made redundant by some new discoveries announced only a couple of months later, so I’ll be sure to include the new animals in my revised and quite different new painting.