Finally a REAL Predator..

This one is definitely for the dino-nuts out there….

This was a bit of fun having a little poke at the idea that a Tyrannosaur’s small arms precluded it from being predatory. The reasoning being that it would be unable to ‘grapple’ with its prey.

That it doesn’t take much of a leap to start thinking of plenty of modern predators which don’t qualify based on the same criteria made the idea appealing to me.

I’m not even sure it’s a controversial topic or whether the dust has settled on the issue. What I do know is that I’ve seen those little arms stopping Tyrannosaurus being able to hunt in as varied places as quite crazy ID blogs all the way to a mainstream TV documentary with the backing of a somewhat controversial palaeontologist.

I drew it all in ball point pen, which is a bit unusual as I’ve taken to drawing in Photoshop lately, the text is digital though.

When I was at school I spent all day drawing with a ball point pen. It was all I had and my teachers didn’t mind because I’d always get the work done as well as drawing away in the back of my books, on my school diary, my ruler… you name it. I still find it really comfortable to draw with, and confidence building as when you make a mark that’s it! No erasing.