Ask a Biologist

Dave Hone over at Archosaur Musings has another project going called ‘Ask a Biologist’. I’ll let Dave describe it:

“this is a site where people can leave their biology based questions and a team of researchers from all over the world will pitch in and try to answer. There’s no middle man, no filter of journalists, precis, reviews or anything else, you ask us, we answer.”

So the result is an open source for your questions about Biology. So far they’ve answered 2500 questions in just a few years, with all the scientist donating their time and effort free.

Dave’s keen for the site to get more use as he sees it as an important bridge to understanding science, biology and the world around us.

“Whether you are an academic biologist, a student, a teacher, an interested amateur or a 5 year old who loves worms, then we can help (or you can help us).”

So teachers, students, the morbidly curious, go forth and ask questions of real life scientists!