Dinosaur Art: Chaz the drive by Chasmosaurus.

Ok so it’s a pretty obscure post title.

The Chinese Dinosaur images have been popping up from one end of the Net to the other, which has been getting a bit more traffic through the blog, nice!

I’ve also had contact from many different corners of the globe asking for permission to use the images for this or that, which has been quite cool.

One person to get in contact was David Orr, who writes the blog, ‘Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs’. Dave’s site describes itself: Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs is a blog about dinosaurs, their relations, their neighbors, their study, and their various manifestations in pop culture.

Dave wanted to do an interview about the artwork that I’d done, my interaction with Dave Hone over on ‘Archosaur Musings’, and some stuff about me. It left me blinking at the screen a bit bamboozled… ‘about me?’..

He then asked if I had any other dinosaur images I could supply him with for the story….er….. it was at this point I was reminded how little I’ve done since I got back into painting, and like most artists I don’t like anything I did more than 30 seconds ago.

So I found a Chasmosaur skull on the net and added some flesh to the bones for a bit of fun. I consider a painting like this to be a ‘drive by’, pretty much a speed paint done in a couple of hours.

I stayed in black and white because I’m trying to work on my values, and since this is quite a different animal to Xixianykus I looked at a bit more reptile reference, though there’s a fair bit of parrot in there.

Anyway, do go and check out David Orr’s site and even the interview (I really jibber on a bit though, you have been warned!).


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