Dead on Time#6.. just in time!


After a week and a bit of sick kids, hospital visits and little sleep I’ve finally wrestled the ‘Dead on Time’ game cover into submission!(with thanks to Sanja for running interference with the kids this afternoon!)

It’s been a fun painting to do with the last few elements falling into place quickly (who’d have thought painting rocky mesas and cliffs would be so much fun?)

It’s still pending approval from Paul of course, and the text is tentative depending on what the publisher wants to stick in there.

I was wondering what to do about the aliens as retro game aliens tended to be pretty garish colour wise. This was so they’d stick out from game backgrounds, but also because of the limited ability of old machines to display many colours at once. In the real world it’s rare for large animals and machines to be really brightly coloured, so they tend to read as small or unrealistic.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to combine the bright colours with something I had to sell as ‘real’ until Gabby brought in a beetle from the back yard.

It’s a Christmas Beetle. The beetle appears to be either Red or Green depending upon your viewing angle and the angle of the light hitting it. So I decided to follow that effect for my greebly aliens, though it’s more suggested than over the top.

I think it also suggests ‘other worldly’ technology… ooerr!

I’ve got a couple of other gigs coming up that are quite different. I should be able to show one of them but the other is hush hush for now!

Once again, feel free to comment, abuse, laugh at or otherwise make your mark…


BTW: I’ve got a couple of back logged bits of concept art which deserve an airing as well.

I’ve updated the Dead on Time image with what I’m hoping is an embedded colour profile which will give a much richer image, not the poo-brown version I originally posted.

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